Product Disclaimer

Product images are for illustration purposes only and may have a 3-5% colour/tone variance from the actual product. Additional product images taken from the warehouse or showroom may be available upon request.

All products made from Oak, New Oak, Elm, Recycled Elm, Oregon are only for indoor use.  Hardwood and Teak can be used for outdoor use.

Warranty is from the order confirmation date.

Recycled Timber Products

Our recycled timber products are made from old houses and building materials.

Due to the nature of recycled timber the products will come with some natural imperfections. It is this type of timber that gives this furniture a unique and individual charm.

Sometimes cracks/splits may occur in recycled timber. This is a natural occurrence of this type of timber and is no way a fault. Timber will then be used to fill these cracks which will blend in with the appearance.

The colours on the timber will vary from piece to piece. You cannot request a certain colour as all pieces come in their own individual colour and finish and no two pieces will ever be the same.

This is part of the rustic recycled charm of this furniture.

New Oak/Elm Products

Our solid oak/elm products are sourced from Russia, America and Germany. They come from different climatic regions which are different to our climate (Australia is an extremely dry country).

Some of the tables could expand and contract and it is a natural occurrence of timber to split/crack. Even though these things can happen, they can be easily repaired to blend in with the looks of the table’s finishing.

With solid timber we can never guarantee 100% that split/cracks will not occur. If you have any hesitations please avoid purchasing these products.


Rattan is a natural fibruous material that is hand-woven and can have imperfections and inconsistencies. Sometimes rattan can have small splits, and these are not considered faults.

Rattan can be sensitive to delicate fabrics.

Product Issues

For product issues it is at Halvorsen Interior’s discretion to offer either a repair, replacement or part-replacement.

If items are received damaged or incomplete, Halvorsen Interiors must be notified within 7 days of receiving the item.